Towards an uberisation of Real Estate?

September 07, 2018 12:20 PM


Faced with increasingly sharp and innovative competition, traditional marketing methods such as the radio, press and brochures or pamphlets have a very limited scope and are no longer sufficient.

Today, the customer is at the peak of both requirement and transparency – which brings today’s digital tool the real estate broker. Well used, such will become an essential asset.

If You Can’t Beat this Digital Movement – Join It

Real estate agents need to offer real services and advice today more than ever – enhanced by technological tools. Innovation must be present to attract generation Y, the same ultra-connected generation that are now accessing properties or rentals.

This generation gap is blatant and even if your company do not use these modern means and tools, your customers definitely do.

It is up to you to adopt an appropriate digital strategy, in order to represent the attention you provide to your clientele. To do this, one must always be ahead, “predict the future” or simply observe the emerging markets and innovative startups within the field.

New Innovative Services Flourish and Everything Else Collapses: Old Models Disappear

The collaborative and sharing economy is growing, with popular services such as Uber or AirBnb. The evolution of this digital transformation is moving as fast as lightning!

You have most likely heard about Uber, which offers driving services – the same company that has reversed a multi-billion dollar market around the world in a flash. Taxi drivers revolt following a colossal deal of revenue loss.

Why and how did this happen? The findings are simpler than they seem. This sector remained for a long time without real competition and without major innovation. Moreover, the reliability and the service was not always at the rendezvous – partly due to this near monopoly.

Uber took the place of the consumer and made the experience easier by allowing a driver to book directly from a mobile application.

It’s the transparency, the simplicity of reservation and the verifiable quality of services that swept away the agents already well placed within this market for years. We earlier mentioned the customer’s requirement – here is a concrete fact that enables them to change their mode of consumption, thanks to new technologies that bring several benefits.

Real Estate is therefore the ideal target under the threat of a possible „Uberisation“. This new economy is challenging previous consumption patterns. It goes to say that things move very fast within this field, for example:

● Real Estate Crowdfunding

● Real Estate Sites of Sale of without intermediary. (Particular to Particular)

● Sharing or short-term rental of accommodations, offices and meeting rooms

● Real Estate virtual tours with photographs of existing properties or new homes with 3D image synthesis.

Many other innovations exist, the observation is that the profound metamorphosis of the Real Estate field has been launched and is only in its beginnings.

The Threat of Uberisation and the Importance of Technology

The arrival of an innovative company such as Uber is frightening within the world of real estate – the speakers of various shows in 2015 insisted on the need to raise the level of quality for delivered services, better response to any competition. Another unanimous observation is that this industry is now a technological sector where communication and customer relations begin on the Internet.

It is necessary to adapt and innovate, while improving services and customer relationships. Evolution has always existed and it is essential to hop on the moving train.

More concretely: imagine that today, a real estate agency does not use the internet to increase visibility to their ads. What future can you predict for them? While knowing that 90% of customers use the internet within the search for their next home …

In Conclusion

Due to the immediacy of the information provided by digital technology, the customer acquires more and more knowledge, which in turn also makes it more demanding.

Real Estate agents must therefore double their efforts in order to place the customer, even more so, at the heart of their concerns – to listen to them, to accompany them through each stage of the project while offering the most modern tools as well as by combining both simplicity with saving time.

And you, what are your methods?

YetiVisit Team