Pro Real Estate: Stop wasting your time!

September 07, 2018 12:41 PM

Yesterday unaffordable, today fully accessible – this will save 50% of your time!
Yes, we are talking about the 360° virtual tour, here are its advantages :

Advantages for the real estate professional

Time Saving
Fewer unnecessary trips thanks to qualified appointments, leaving more time for your customers and other tasks!

Less travel, less fuel, less wear and tear and fewer associated costs!

More Offers
It is now possible to visit all your housings with a 360° tour, even those that do not entirely meet your customer’s criteria – though may be likely to trigger “love at first sight”

Stand Out!
Attract more attention by being innovative with the latest technologies. Raise interest towards your booth with virtual reality headsets, allowing immersion within all your housing accommodations.

This tool will be a powerful argument in order to obtain the exclusive mandate of property.

Advantages for the future Buyer/Tenant

Screening and Selection
The capability of quickly visiting the entire housing accommodation. In turn, the screening of possible housing for on-the-spot-visits becomes very easy.

„Re-visits“ and Possible Sharing
Following a physical visit, the future buyer is capable to review the housing accommodation online or share it with their relatives, in order to reinforce their personal thoughts.

Work Estimates
The potential buyer will also be able to share this virtual visit with architects or professionals of the building in order to have an initial estimation of the work that they wish to realize.

Visit from Home
Visit accommodations anytime and anywhere. A saving of time and many less unnecessary trips. It is also a definite advantage for customers with reduced mobility!

Advantages for the Seller / Lessor

Serenity and Efficiency
Sell quickly at the desired price without any constraints! The house is always ready to be visited online. This offers a greater visibility to the accommodation – allowing for very personal and characterized on-site visits.

Simplicity and Profitability
Real Estate professional needs only 10 minutes at their client’s house in order to create an immersive 360° visit of the property. A very low cost for the seller/landlord, one can even offers it for free in the case of exclusive mandates.

Their property is open 24 hours a day, in all regions and throughout the entire world. Moreover, it is very useful for buyers who live in another area.
The result: A highly visited online accommodation and a faster sale!

In Conclusion

Save yourself and your clients time and money with a virtual tour  =>  Example

Sell fast and well – in short, be 2017 😉